Night diving…

Thought about night dives?

A bunch of our regulars divers have: they are going to be doing their PADI Night Diver course while we are on the Blue Melody in just over a week’s time.  Great fun all round, but you do need to think about the kit required.  It’s easy to remember the need for a torch, and probably the need for a back up seems logical, but how about a ‘marker’?

If you’re down there in the dark, torches pointing nicely ahead, how do you know who’s who?

In the old days (more than five years ago anyway) it was common to use a chemical glow stick: just like the things you get at the fair.  But now we know the chemicals can leach out of the sticks, and are not good for the coral…  So, some kind of blinky light is a good option.

We some LED “wands” in stock: attached to your tank valve, you’re a marked diver.  Even if both torches blow, we’ll know where and, have rough idea of, who you are!

UK Diving… Swanage

UK diving boring??  Ask Laura to be enlightened!

 So, here’s Laura just back from  her “Wreck” dive for her Advanced Open Water course. She’d been a little apprehensive, as everyone has been saying the visibility is far from good, but would Laura swap her experience on that dive for a warm water dive on a reef.  Definitely not!

It’s a stunning bright morning, with flat calm seas. There were rumours a lone dolphin, detached from his pod has been seen around the Studland/Swanage area over the past few days.  As the boat gets ready to drop divers on the Fleur de Lys wreck, just a few minutes out from the pier, up pops a friendly face.

“Flipper” accompanied Laura and Debbie through the dive, and ended up scratching his back on the hull of the dive boat “Spike”!  Jealous?  I am!  I had to drop out of the dive last minute on the quayside due to something I ate.

But you can’t keep a diver out of the water all day: in the early afternoon, four of us caught a nice fast drift from the Lighthouse, right back to the Peveril Beach area, in good vis too!

Don’t be a wus! Dive UK!