Scuba diving during the Covid-19 outbreak

No two ways about it: times have been hard for every one.  In the early stages of lockdown, nothing was happening anywhere and everything was getting cancelled: holidays, outings to restaurants, theatres, cinemas.  It was bleak!

So, five months on, what has changed?

  • Since the lifting of some of the restrictions, we have managed a few days open water diving, in lakes and the sea, and most recently, a weekend trip to Swange! 
  • Although public and school swimming pools are still shut locally, we have managed a few sessions in a private establishment, including celebrating PADI’s “Women’s Day 2020”.
  • “Classroom” Sessions have been held al fresco in the car park (luckily not today as it has been taking a leaf out of the pop music genre “wet, wet, wet”!)
  • We have completed Open Water certification for one of our students, and have started some others on their Advanced.

Dive Odyssea is going it’s best to bring a little normality and fun back in to people’s lives.  Give us a ring and see what we can do for you!

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