Thunderbirds are Go!!!

Remember “Thunderbirds”?

“Calling International Rescue. There are people in danger!”

“Thunderbirds are Go!” (drum roll please….)

Well, UK divers have their own “Tracey”s whenever a marine mammal gets stranded or is taken ill: The British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Dive Odyssea ran a Marine Mammal Medic course on Southend Sea Front in conjunction with BDMLR, and there are now another 25  divers trained to assist whenever a dolphin, whale or seal gets into dire straights (not the pop band, silly!).

Plans are afoot for another training session next spring, so get you funny hat and sash on, and contact Dive Odyssea to join International British Divers Marine Life Rescue†!!!

(† You don’t get to ride in a rocket, mole or submarine though)