Happy Silver Anniversary

“25 Years, Darling, 25 years!”

We’ve all heard the show biz luvvies boast about 25 years in the “business “(normally it’s really less than 5 or long over 40!).

This year it’s Dive Odyssea’s turn to bang the gong and proclaim 25 years in the business,

The Dive business!

Dive Odyssea logo

Founded 1996

I won’t say how long Debbie has been diving, but suffice it to say her PADI registration number is only 5 digits long, compared to the 6 digit number issued to nearly every other dive pro you will encounter!  Dive Odyssea was her project and has issued thousands of certifications, from the first level Open Water Diver through to Assistant Instrauctor, as well as preparing many divers for their Instructor Examinations.

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A basket full of certifications!

At long last we are able to finish training some of our students in open water. Last weekend, 22nd and 23rd May, saw an intrepid bunch of divers, instructional staff and students brave the weather in deepest Gloucestershire for some serious training!

Debbie at Chepstow
Debbie, students Emma and daughter Olivia, and Alex (their Dive Master)
Steve (Assistant Instructor), Monti, Martin, Rob (Master Instructor), Louis, Michael and Katie
Rob, Kelly and Steve

So the role of Honour?

                • Kelly: Advanced Open Water Diver
                • Emma and Olivia; Open Water Diver and Dry Suit Diver
                • Martin, Monti, Louis, Katie: Dry Suit Diver
                • Michael: Peak Performance Bouancy

Congratulations to all of them!