Dive Odyssea’s 25 years

PADI recognition of 25 years of dive excellence:

As well as a nice piece of glassware, with it’s message from the PADI CEO, Debbie received a personal note from the PADI EMEA office, based in Bristol:

At a time when Dive Centre’s around the world have been forced to close due to a drop in demand caused by Covid-19 and travel restrictions. Dive Odyssea, under Debbie’s care, has not only survived, but continued to provide quality training not only to people, young and older, breathing their first hesitant bubble underwater, but to more experienced divers working toward technical and professional qualifications.

But Dive Odyssea is not just another PADI dive centre: it has acheived the statuses of:

Team Work:

Of course, none of it could have happened without the support of the many volunteers and “PADI Pros”.  Over the past 25 years, they have given their time, energy and enthusiasm to provide safe, supportive and enjoyable training, trips (overseas and in the UK) and hilarious (occasionally riotous!) “apres dive” evenings (snorting vodka shots(!) and karaoke anyone?)

Hard Work!

Don’t under estimate the amount of work behind the scenes that goes into running these events.  A training weekend at Stoney or Chepstow involves hours of organisation: checking progress of students’ training, ensuring training logs are complete, arranging accomodation, booking access to the dive site; ensuring the right kit is available, rounding up the right  mix of “Pros” to get it all running seamlessly.  It may look straight forward to the students, but like ducks and swans, the effortless glide takes a lot of paddling unseen, underwater!

But if all goes well, and to plan, the Pro gets the chance to pose with the successful students for the post qualification photo!

Everyone who knows Debbie will want to join in the celebration of Dive Odyssea’s continuing success story.  If you want to be part of it, whether you are a hard core diver, a complete novice, or some one who just dives for the fun of it, ring us, and come and join the fun!