Children’s Parties

Scuba or Snorkelling Children’s Pool Party

Children's Pool Party


This is where a lot of kids initially become involved.  There’s a good chance that your children have either already been to a friend’s scuba party or else they know somebody that has.  They’re now driving you mad ‘cos they want one!  Is that why you’re reading this now?  They are hugely popular, a great deal of fun and far better than the fast food option.  What’s more, you only have to bring them along to us and we take over.  Even better, once they’re under the water it all goes quiet.  Marvellous!! 

( It’s worth the cost already isn’t it!!?)

First we give them a brief yet thorough safety chat before we let them anywhere near the water during which we explain what we’ll be doing together in the pool.   You’re more than welcome to listen in if you’d like.  We normally complete the brief at the pool around half an hour before the in-water time.  Whilst this is taking place, we assemble and safety check the equipment, that’s child size and not just adult kit with the kids lost somewhere inside.  Again, you’re free to come along and watch.  They need to be at least eight years of age and all they have to bring along is a swimming costume, a towel and a T shirt to wear in the water; we supply everything else.  We then spend an hour in the pool.  We start off and make sure everyone is happy with breathing techniques and moving around on the surface and underwater and before long we are playing various games, which is great fun.  Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who the biggest kids are, the children or the staff.  There is a high ratio of staff to children so that way there’s no chance of any little mishaps.  We promise to bring them to the surface safe and sound to once more destroy the peace and quiet!

If you’re looking to feed them after their aquatic adventures, please let us know in advance and we can arrange pool timings to fit in.  We thought of feeding them as well but the chips got really soggy at depth and the ketchup played havoc with the underwater visibility!  You should allow just over two hours for the whole experience.  Prices depend on the amount of children involved.  A group of 10 children works well, but we can go up or down with number depending on your requirements.  We can hire a variety of pools in the area to accommodate dates and times.  If you have access to a pool that you would like us to use, we are always open the suggestions. Please call me at the shop for full details.


For Children younger than 8 years or those not looking to do Scuba, we can offer Snorkelling Parties too.  Full Snorkelling kit is provided.  During the party we teach basis snorkelling techniques as well as playing games.  Around 10-15 children works well with numbers, but again we are open to your suggestions.