COVID-19 Declaration Form

Read this statement prior to accepting the conditions in the Covid-19 Declaration Form below.  You must complete this addtional medical questionnaire to enrol in a diver training program or to participate in any diving activity.  If you are a minor, this statement must be completed by your parent or guardian.

The purpose of this medical declaration form is to ensure you are medically fit to dive.  Please answer the following questions by ticking the appropriate boxes.

If you are unsure, answer “YES”.

If you prefer to fill in a paper copy of the form, click on this link and print off the form:


A positive response may mean there could be a pre-existing condition that would affect your safety while diving.  If any of these items apply to you, we must request you consult with a physician, preferably a specialist in Diving Medicine, prior to participating in diving activities.


COVID-19 shares many of the same symptoms as other serious viral pneumonias requiring a period of convalescence before returning to full activities – a period taking weeks or months depending on the severity fo the symptoms.

You will be mailed a copy of the completed form: either print the form out and bring it with you on the day or display the form on your phone as confirmation of your fitness to dive.


    Please confirm: