Covid Pool Rules

1. All divers attending scuba sessions must fill out a COVID Medical Declaration Statement.

2. All divers will be temperature checked.

3. All participants are reminded to wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and bring hand sanitising products to lessons.

4. All participants must follow the prevailing national guidelines on social distancing at all time.

5. All participants must avoid touching eyes, nose the mouth.

6. All participants must practise respiratory hygiene. This includes covering mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Used tissues must be disposed of hygienically.

7. Participants are asked the wear face masks and gloves when kitting up and use hand sanitiser regularly before entry to the water, and after exiting the water. Please make sure you take any of these sanitary items away with you to dispose of correctly.

8. Food or drink must not be consumed around the pool side.

9. If the use of changing rooms is allowed, all participants’ personal items should be stored in a way that avoids contact with communal surfaces.

10. If lockers are out of bounds participants will be encouraged to store their items in special containers (bags and boxes) stored on the floor or benches and well-spaced from each other.

11. Participants are asked to be dive ready, i.e. to wear their swimsuit underneath their outdoor clothes and shower prior to arrival on site. Students, staff and divers will be allocated an individual space for equipment assembly/disassembly.

12. Students, staff and divers should not mingle before or after the dives.

13. Participants are recommended to acquire their own scuba mask.

14. “Defogging” solution must be used to prevent condensation in masks rather than “traditional methods”.

15. Any diver with their own equipment will be required to ensure their equipment has been suitably sanitized before and after each pool session (please ask for more guidance if required)

16. Buddy checks will be carried out by the individual diver, clearly demonstrating and verbal confirming the effectiveness of each aspect of the scuba unit to their allocated buddy or member of instructional staff. The diver must not breathe from the Alternate Air source, as this is for their allocated buddy’s use in out of air practice sessions.

17. Skills training involving use of alternate air sources, or closer proximity to other divers will be carried out in line within the PADI Covid 19 recommendations. Divers must keep their regulators in until they return to their allocated spot and start de-kitting.

18. Pack used equipment separately from any unused, sanitised.

19. Students, staff and other divers must dry off, change and leave the facility without delay and not use the pool shower facilities.

20. Remember: using scuba equipment (e.g. mask on and breathing from a regulator in the mouth) is excellent protection against airborne pathogens for you, but care must be taken in close proximity to others who are not on scuba.