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Dive overseas with Dive Odyssea
The world is c. 30% land and 70% water: if you don’t want to dive, enjoy your 30%!

Dive overseas with Dive Odyssea and experience laid back palm beachesSo that means there is a big wide world to explore (at least, if you are a diver).  Come and dive overseas with Dive Odyssea. Apart from our Red Sea trips, Dive Odyssea arranges at least one long haul trip and occasional short trips to places closer to home.


In the past, we’ve been to the Philippines, the Maldives, Indonesia, South Africa, the Caribbean, the Galapagos etc. seeing many marvellous sites.  We have dived with Dolphins, Turtles, Manta Rays and lots of Shark species as well as numerous wrecks spanning centuries, not forgetting beautiful coral reefs and fish life.  Dive overseas with Dive Odyssea and swim in turquoise lagoonsWe stay at beautiful resorts often on the beach front with good amenities.  The resorts offer local dishes as well as European foods and of course we sample the local drinks during our stay.  Dive overseas with Dive Odyssea, and all trips are escorted by a member of Dive Odyssea’s Instructional team to ensure the smooth running of the trip in resort as well as being on hand to run courses or offer guided tours to divers underwater.

Dive overseas with Dive Odyssea and see exotic fish

Closer to home, we can get to the Canary Islands, Malta and many other overseas destinations, a lot of them from London Southend Airport (so close, the planes leave tyre marks on our roof as they go over!).

Dive overseas with Dive Odyssea

If you have non-diving partners or children, bring them along on a shore based trip.  We are agents for many diving tour operators, who are all protected by travel industry’s compensation schemes (such as TTA, FFI, ATOL), including; PADI Travel, Blue O Two, Diverse Travel, Dive Sportif, Equator Divers,  Regal Dive and Dive Worldwide. 

We have over 30 years of travelling overseas and if you would like us to help you book a trip at a destination of your choice, we would be happy to quote.

See our Events listings to keep up to date with our upcoming peregrinations! (big word meaning: a journey, especially a long or meandering one.)
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