First Aid Training

EFR: worldwide first aid training

Primary and Secondary Care, First Aid at Work Certification & First Aid for Children

OK. You’ve rescued your fellow diver and got them into the dive boat. The emergency services are on their way and, half way around the lap of honour, your patient stops breathing. ‘Oh Whoops’. This is where the PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) courses come in. After all, there’s not much point changing into those underpants and that cape if, after rescuing your diver, you don’t know what to do.

First Aid: CPR training

The PADI Emergency First Response course is that unique PADI event. It’s got nothing to do with diving! (You thought I was going to say it’s free didn’t you?) The EFR is a standard first aid and life support course dealing with adult victims.. It could well be that you’re already qualified as you’ve passed a course within the last 24 months through some other means. Work perhaps or maybe a St John’s Ambulance course or something similar.

Well the EFR is the same course with the same skills and procedures. However, for those of you wishing to obtain the PADI Rescue Diver rating, you must either already have a qualifying first aid/ life support certificate or obtain one prior to beginning the course. 

Did you know that over 90% of all accidents happen in the home to one of our loved one’s? A sobering thought isn’t it?   That’s why we also run this course for non-divers and for those of you looking for a First Aid at Work certification

On the EFR, you’ll learn to deal with such things as small cuts and minor burns. Broken limbs and choking, through to heart attacks and scene/victim assessments. In fact, it covers just about everything you’re ever likely to come across as well as quite a few things you hope you never come across! Have a look. Who’s at work with you now? Is your family at home with you as you read this? OK. It’s unlikely, but if it did, would you know what to do?

Children’s first aid

This course is aimed at those of you that wish to learn first aid techniques for the little one’s. After all, you don’t need us to tell you that kiddies are not adults in a smaller size. Techniques used on children are different and so if you are required to hold current children’s first aid certification as part of your job, then this course is a requirement. It is ideal for children’s nannies or childminders. It’s a two day course with day one spent dealing with adults whilst day two looks specifically at children’s first aid.

All it takes is a few hours of your life to learn to save somebody else’s.