Merry Christmas

Nollaig Chridheil, Nadolig LLawen, Nollaig Shona Duit!°

It has been a roller coaster year: every time it seems to be getting better, something comes along and hits us with a sockfull of sand behind the ear!

Merry Chrstmas

Anyway, plans are afoot for a full year of UK diving next year with old favourites and some new experiences too!  Training is supposed to start again in March, with a trip to Chepstow for Open Water and Dry Suit students already ramped up and raring to go.

We have plenty of ideas for those gifts for divers… talk to us!

Meanwhile, Christmas… No Dinner Dance this year, so save up your piccies for the photography competitions, and keep noting all the daft things people say ready for next years SUKKER of the (2) Year(s)†.

° Scots Gaelic, Welsh and Irish for Merry Christmas!

† For those of you unfamiliar with the riotous behaviour of Dive Odyssea at this seasonal time, “Sukker of the Year” is awarded to the person who has done or said something hilarious during the year.  More often  than not double entendre creeps in…

Steve Atkinson

Author: Steve Atkinson

Assistant Instructor with Dive Odyssea, regular traveller who loves travelling through small exotic airports: do you even know where Dangriga is?

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