Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Debbie, Rob and all the staff at Dive Odyssea!

After two years, the Dive Odyssea gang got together last Saturday to celebrate the season!  All the usual fun took place: food, booze, photo competions, the “True Grit” award for the diver who tried hardest and, of course, “Sukker of the Year”.
Debbie and Rob at the Christmas Thrash!

Nearly everyone dressed up for the occasion, frocks and dangly ear rings in profusion… some of the ladies looked nice too (joking, but not about the ladies).  Whether it was Turkey, Salmon or Veggie, it all got eaten up, washed down with various tipples, then the dancing went on until midnight.

A Merry Christmas started here!

(Together with a few hangovers!)


Congratulations to:

  • Terry Wigget (Recreational Underwater Photo)
  • Maria Millgate (Recreational Topshot)
  • Maria Millgate (UK Underwater Photo)
  • Angela Munro (Professional Underwater Photo)
  • Angela Munro (Professional Topshot)
  • Lisa Pilfold (True Grit, for getting through her courses despite being scared of fish!)
  • Debbie Woods (Sukker of the Year; don’t ask why!)

So, Debbie and the staff at Dive Odyssea send season’s greeting to all divers and wannabe divers (remember you don’t have to be a wannabe, come and see us!)



Author: Steve Atkinson

Assistant Instructor with Dive Odyssea, regular traveller who loves travelling through small exotic airports: do you even know where Dangriga is?

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