PADI ReActivate

Reactiviate: out of work into the waterPADI ReActivate is for certified divers who have been out of it for a while, want to dive again, but feel a bit rusty.    PADI reactivate program consists of a small amount of academic study which can be done in the comfort of your own home in front of your laptop or tablet.  It’s nothing heavy, but you know from learning to dive before, it’s important to be reminded of all the safety factors connected to diving.  When you enrol with Dive Odyssea, provide us with an email and we will provide you with a link and to start the Academics.  Alternatively, follow this link to sign up directly with PADI, then contact us!

Once you have done the “eLearing” element,  come down to the pool and practice the skills with one of our pros.  We have to run you through about 5 skills, but we have a chat to you before the pool and the rest of the time is spent practising what you want to do. It’s really personalised for you.   On completion of the academic and pool review, you receive a brand-new Cert Card, with an updated photo, if provided, which says you have been reactivated and the date.  You can then present this at Dive Centres worldwide showing you have been refreshed so you can enjoy your trip and continue safe diving.

You are able to choose from two pools for this program.  On Tuesdays we use a conventional pool with a shallow and deep end (Maximum depth 1.8m).  This is ideal for participants who may have been out the water for some considerable to time.

On a Thursday we use a lovely pool measuring 20M x 20M and is 5 Metres deep.  A great space for most to enjoy reactivating.  Whichever pool you opt for we give a full hour of in water time and ample time prior to the pool to kit up, get briefed and introduce to your reactivate staff member.

So long as you have completed all the necessary paperwork etc, you can meet us at the pool, but it’s often a good idea to come to Dive Odyssea first to meet some of our Club members especially if you are thinking about joining us to do some diving.

We can also run through equipment assembly/disassembly, revisit dive tables here too if you felt you were a bit rusty.

If you have left it last minute before you trip, we can offer you a skills refresher session in the Pool only and we run through as many skills as we can and make an entry into your log book to that effect.

It’s always worth giving us a call discuss and perhaps we can recommend the best option for you.

(NB: the cost quoted on the PADI website is for the training materials only: call us to find out the cost of the diving element of the course)