PADI Rescue Diver

PADI Rescue Diver

If you’re looking to complete your PADI Rescue Diver Course, the chances are that you’ve got quite a few dives already logged but you’re at the stage where you would like to feel that bit more self reliant as a diver. You already know that the chances of an incident happening are rare but of course they do happen once in a while. You’re pretty happy with your own dive skills but at the same time you know that accidents can happen and it would be handy to have the skills to deal with it before a drama becomes a crisis! Does that sound something like you?

Rescue PoolWhat this course won’t do, is to allow you to leap into the nearest telephone box and change into a very fetching matching cape and underpants to go save the world! That’s a bit extreme. The more realistic aim is to give you the necessary training and skills to deal with most diving incidents and, if required, manage them until either Superman or the Professional Emergency Services attend (Whichever is the sooner!)

What’s involved?

You must already hold your PADI Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent in addition to which, you’ll have completed your Emergency First Response (EFR) Course or something similar. (See the Emergency First Response web page) After all, there’s not much point rescuing an unconcious diver from the sea bed and then finding out you don’t know what to do at the surface. You may already have a first aid/CPR qualification from work perhaps. That’ll do nicely. Here at Dive Odyssea, if you complete your EFR and PADI Rescue Diver course together, then we’ll even drop the price for you.

PADI Rescue Diver BadgeThere is an element of self study followed by class and pool sessions that you complete in your own time frame. Once we’re both happy there, we then move onto the Open Water phase where we practice those skills before moving on to a full rescue scenario.  The emphasis like all PADI courses, is not only to give you the skills, but to give you the confidence in your own abilities. That’s why there’s no time frame for this. You’re ready when you feel you’re ready!