PADI Seal Team in Essex:- Kids diving made easy!

PADI Seal Team is a carefully designed course offering young children, to young to start their Junior Open Water Course, the chance to start getting ready for the whole new world opened up by dive training right here in South Essex.

PADI Seal Team

The minimun age for PADI Seals is 8 years old, the same as PADI Bubble Maker (the equivalant of PADI Discover Scuba Diving for 8 to 10 yeard olds) and the aim is to not only have fun and play games (sorry instructors) we introduce some of the basic concepts and skills into the mix, ready to take the plunge (deliberate pun!) and enter the world of recreational scuba diving.

We have a series of pools booked this spring, including three during the Schools’ Spring Bank Holiday.  Call us and find out more now while we have spaces, and introduce your youngsters to a true sport through the course designed specifically for them: PADI SEAL TEAM in ESSEX!

Dive Odyssea is a PADI Approved Youth Training Centre with over twenty five years experience in training divers of all ages.  We have rigid safeguarding policies and procedures in place and ensure the safety of all our divers.

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Author: Steve Atkinson

Assistant Instructor with Dive Odyssea, regular traveller who loves travelling through small exotic airports: do you even know where Dangriga is?