PADI Seal Team

PADI Seal Team

PADI seal being put through their paces

This is aimed at the eight and nine year olds out there who want to get involved in scuba diving but are just that bit too young to start on the full PADI Open Water Course.  It’s all swimming pool based and kept to a maximum depth of six feet.  Again, all the equipment used is child sized with a high ratio of staff to divers.

The difference between the pool parties and the PADI Seal Team is that in this program, the kids dive regularly and get to learn a sport & play games at the same time.  Each time they come along they are given an ‘Aquamission’ to complete which involves a proper scuba diving skill.  After that we play games underwater using that skill.  This Mission earns them a sticker in their log book which they add to each time they come along.  The more Aquamissions they complete, the nearer they are to filling their log book.

That feeling they get after an Aquamission!

When they move up to the full PADI Junior Open Water Course, those missions can be credited towards that course.  So, not only do they have a great deal of fun, at the same time they’re learning a real sport.