PADI Specialty Courses

You’re a fully qualified PADI diver. You might be at the Open Water level, Advanced Open Water level or higher. You’ve always wanted to get underwater and really see those fish up close. Why does that particular species only come out at night or only live in that part of the world? What exactly is inside that 1920’s steamer and how did she sink? If these are some of the burning questions you want answered you can either look it up at the local library or get underwater and find out for yourself. This is where the PADI Specialty Courses come in.

They are a series of short courses of either two, three or four dives (depending on which course you choose) plus a portion of Academic Knowledge Development. The PADI Underwater Naturalist and PADI Wreck Diver Specialty are not the only two specialties available (there are 17 to chose from). You choose whichever subject you want a more ‘in depth’ knowledge of. It could be that you would like to learn more about one, or some, of your PADI AOW elective dives. Just as that course is a lot more practical than theoretical, The PADI Specialty courses are a lot easier to complete than you probably think. These courses take you beyond the basics of the standard scuba skills that you will have learnt, and really add another dimension to your diving. The courses you can choose from are:

As an added bonus, the first dive of each of these courses can be used as credit towards your Advanced Open Water Course; or vice-versa. And of course, we adjust prices accordingly.  So remember, SCUBA diving isn’t just about being underwater, it’s about what you do when you’re there. So how about something Special?

PADI Speciality Courses: Enriched Air Nitrox course