Equipment Servicing

All dive gear needs to be properly maintained: let us help you with your scuba diving equipment servicing!

Cylinder Testing


We are an authorised IDEST Centre and boast a quick turnaround, but efficient service on Cylinders (even a next day service if needed).  We offer competitive rates, club member discounts.  Collection and delivery service possible for a bigger quantity of Cylinders.

Safety is paramount at Dive Odyssea.  Scuba Equipment has to periodically tested  Generally this is 1 year for Regulators and two and a half years for Cylinders.  Common sense also comes into play so if a piece of equipment is used day in day out, is dropped accidentally or damaged through excessive heat or impact it should then be serviced straight away prior to any further use.

Throughout the testing procedure our IDEST Technician checks everything using state of art precision equipment in our dedicated service area.

Checks include:

          • Valve service and Cleaning.
          • Wear & tear of all threads.
          • Internal and external & thickness of Cylinder.
          • Working & Test Pressures.
          • O2 cleaning is also carried out when required – (Nitrox Tanks)

So long as you have been looking after your Cylinders the vast majority of the time they pass the inspection.

Please note that on receipt of your Cylinders we will require you to complete a small form requiring signature and contact details.

Air Fills.

Dive Odyssea has an Air Compressor on site and can pump cylinders to a working pressure of 232 Bar, so long as the tank is in Service (see above!).

We include Air fills with every tested Cylinder, but unfortunately, at present, we  do not pump Nitrox.

Regulator & BCD Servicing, and Dry Suit & Wet Suit Repairs.

There’s not a lot of things we cannot service.  We service most Regulators and BCD’s.  We can repair rips to suits and offer seal and valve replacements.

Many thanks for reading this page.  Please call 01702 542759 for further details.