UK Diving… Swanage

UK diving boring??  Ask Laura to be enlightened!

 So, here’s Laura just back from  her “Wreck” dive for her Advanced Open Water course. She’d been a little apprehensive, as everyone has been saying the visibility is far from good, but would Laura swap her experience on that dive for a warm water dive on a reef.  Definitely not!

It’s a stunning bright morning, with flat calm seas. There were rumours a lone dolphin, detached from his pod has been seen around the Studland/Swanage area over the past few days.  As the boat gets ready to drop divers on the Fleur de Lys wreck, just a few minutes out from the pier, up pops a friendly face.

“Flipper” accompanied Laura and Debbie through the dive, and ended up scratching his back on the hull of the dive boat “Spike”!  Jealous?  I am!  I had to drop out of the dive last minute on the quayside due to something I ate.

But you can’t keep a diver out of the water all day: in the early afternoon, four of us caught a nice fast drift from the Lighthouse, right back to the Peveril Beach area, in good vis too!

Don’t be a wus! Dive UK!

Steve Atkinson

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