Digital Underwater Photography

PADI Underwater Digital Photography Specialty
Without PAID underwater digital photography course

Do your photo’s look like this?

PADI  Underwater Digital Photography

When they should look like this!

Trust me, you are not alone. If you don’t know the difference between an f stop and a safety stop, or you think that exposure time is something you can be arrested for, then this is the photography course for you.

You’ve obviously seen the photographs that appear throughout this web site; well, they were all taken by club members on various trips around the UK and overseas. There are a couple that we’ve pinched from diving agency sites but otherwise they’re all our own work (including this one). You’re impressed I can tell. If your photographs look like ours, then you don’t need this Specialty. If on the other hand your pics never look like the subject you photographed, then you need to do this course.

What do you learn?

It will show you the difference between an f stop and a safety stop. How to correctly frame and expose your shot to show it to it’s best advantage as well as all the other little tips and hints to make your Flambouyant Cuttlefish stand out from the crowd. But there’s more! We’ll also go into digital software editing. Most home computer packages contain some sort of digital imaging software such as Photoshop Elements but the majority of people don’t know how to use them very well. It’s easy, and part of the PADI Underwater Digital Photography course.

So rather than just point, shoot and hope for the best, learn how to capture that Kodak moment to achieve an image that you’ll want to hang on the wall as opposed to just hang!

The course involves a self study portion, an Instructor led session and two open water dives involving lots of pictures. The use of a camera  is included in the course.

Any other options?

Of course there are. We always have options in life.

If time constraints are a problem, instead of coming along to us for your self study and classroom sessions, why not complete the PADI eLearning course at home or in the office? That way you can complete all your academic studies on line in your own time and then come to us for the open water dives.

You can find details and sign up for your PADI eLearning materials here.

(NB: the cost quoted on the PADI website is for the training materials only: call us to find out the cost of the diving element of the course)