Wet suit/Dry suit and Thermal layers

Divers get colder quicker than casual swimmers, regardless of the season.  Swimmers are on the surface and benefit from the sun, divers are totally surrounded by the water, often for long periods. So, thermal protection is an essential consideration.

Wet suits are available in many styles, sizes, thicknesses and colours.  

shorty wet suitcressi castoro wetsuit4th Element wet suit

Dry suits: many dry suits are made to order, some made to measure, and we order only from the best suppliers. 

Neoprene Dry suitTrilam dry suit


Trilaminate or Neoprene? Talk to us about your needs and we will do our best to ensure you get exactly what you want for a comfortable dive.




Thermal layers are essential under a drysuit.  Again, horses for courses: a neoprene suit needs different layering to a trilaminate suit.

Thermal Protection

Don’t forget: even when diving in the warmest water, you may need protection against other minor irritants and hazards: think fire coral and the dratted “no seeums” (tiny little  critters with a sting in their tail!), and of course “The sun is far too sultry, and one must avoidit’s ultry violet rays”†.  So, perhaps a light dive skin or rash vest?

“Mad Dogs and Englishmen” Noel Coward