Dry Suit Diver

PADI Dry Suit Specialty

Minimum age: 12

Minimum qualification: PADI Junior Open Water Diver

Dry Suit Divers in IcelandIf you intend to spend your entire diving career in clear blue tropical waters above 25 degrees, you could look away now. The PADI Dry Suit specialty is not for you.
If on the other hand you are looking to dive in the more temperate climates, like here in the UK with the rest of us paupers, then you really need to do this course. Trust me, you really do! There’s an old Army saying that says Any idiot can be cold and it’s never more appropriate than to diving. If you spend any length of time immersed in water without the correct thermal insulation, eventually you will get cold.
This applies to the tropics as well as the UK. OK in the tropics you probably only need a 3mm or 5mm wet suit in order to stay warm. In the UK during a very warm summer (we had one once, apparently) then you can get away with a 7mm semi dry suit. For most of the time however, that would not be enough to stay warm for long periods. Most of the stuff we want to see tends to be that bit deeper which means staying down that much longer. 
Well in a dry suit that’s not a problem.
Because of their insulating properties, dry suits do exactly what it says on the tin. They keep you totally dry as well as warm. Marvellous. So now you can stay down as long as you want.
The course will teach you how to maintain your suit correctly so it lasts. It will show the benefits and drawbacks of the various types of dry suit along with teaching you the diving skills required to maintain your buoyancy correctly and safely whilst using one. You’ll never have to get wet again.
In order to reduce the cost to you, if this Specialty is completed during your PADI Open Water Course certification dives, we will drop the price by a huge £60 per person. Please speak to us for full details.

The course consists of one self study portion, a pool familiarisation session and two dry open water dives.

Any other options?

Of course there are. We always have options in life.

If time constraints are a problem, instead of coming along to us for your self study and classroom sessions, why not complete the PADI eLearning course at home or in the office? That way you can complete all your academic studies on line in your own time and then come to us for the open water dives.

You can find details and sign up for your PADI eLearning materials here.

(NB: the cost quoted on the PADI website is for the training materials only: call us to find out the cost of the diving element of the course)