Full Face Mask Diver

PADI Full Face Mask Diver

Minimum Age: 12

Minimum Qualification: Junior Open Water Diver

Ever wondered why commercial divers use a full face mask?   Conventional scuba masks, used by most of the recreational dive community, allows portions of your face to get wet (and possibly chilly), prevent the diver from breathing through the nose,  and, of course, stop any verbal communication.  Full face mask diving allows both of the latter options (we’ve just lost any readers who dive with their wives!) and keeps your face dry and warm.

Using Ocean Reef© masks, Dive Odyssea teaches two distinct courses:

  • The use of full face masks.
  • Underwater communications.

Ocean Reef Full Face MaskA full face mask requires proper training to ensure the diver understands the advantages of using the mask, how to put one on(!), how to use the mask on the surface, and, because the mask includes its own regulator, what to do if you need to ‘bail out’ of the mask and revert to your buddy’s octopus and your spare (conventional) mask.

Although masks can be fitted with transmitters and receivers, allowing ‘verbal communication’, they are working ‘tools’ and there are protocols to be observed using them underwater: you can’t discus “Game of Thrones” or what Mrs Smith at number 23 was doing with the milkman!

This course consists of an academic session, one pool session and two open water dives