Underwater Navigator

PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty

Minimum age: 12

Minimum qualification: PADI Junior Open Water Diver

Underwater NavigatorIf you have completed the PADI Advanced Open Water course, then you will have carried out a navigation dive as a compulsory component of that particular grading. That is considered to be one step up from the basic standard that you learned on your Open Water course. (Remember that far back?)

Well, now we move up a gear. Compass work and navigation is not a major feature of wreck diving ‘cos you’re surrounded by a huge lump of metal so your compass won’t work.

Obvious really when you think of it. However, the same can’t be said in the middle of the English Channel, the Red Sea or the Indian Ocean. You’ve dived with just your buddy and now you want to get back to the boat. Remind me, which way was it now!? You can of course just pop up to the surface and have a look, but what diving course have you ever been on that teaches that as a safe diving practice??

On the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty, we will teach you how to set a compass bearing and then how to follow it. In fact, we’ll teach you what a compass bearing is first of all. You will become so proficient that you’ll be able to navigate your way around on several headings and over various depths. On the same dive! Never again will you be totally reliant on the Instructor or Dive Master to get you safely back home.

The course comprises a self study portion and three open water dives 

(Assuming you find your way to the shop!)

Any other options?

Of course there are. We always have options in life.

If time constraints are a problem (or you can’t find your way here), instead of coming along to us for your self study and classroom sessions, why not complete the PADI eLearning course at home or in the office? That way you can complete all your academic studies on line in your own time and then come to us for the open water dives.

You can find details and sign up for your PADI eLearning materials here.

(NB: the cost quoted on the PADI website is for the training materials only: call us to find out the cost of the diving element of the course)