‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…

if not completely (is “intoxicated” a polite way of putting it)?  Yes, the year has rolled round to the time you’ve all been (breaking the first rule of Scuba) holding your breath for!

Dive Odyssea’s Christmas Dinner and Dance


It is all going to happen at The Rochford Hotel on Saturday, 10th December.  A choice of starters, mains and desserts leading up to the Dive Odyssea Annual Awards  for:

  • Best Underwater Photograph by a non-professional
  • Best Top Shot by a non-professional
  • Best UK Underwater Photograph
  • Best Underwater Photograph by a PADI Pro (or previous winner  of the non-pro category)
  • Best Top Shot by a PADI Pro (or previous winner  of the non-pro category)

Together with

  • “True Grit” (Awarded to someone who has shown true determination to overcome the odds to become a diver).
  • “Sukker of the Year” (Awarded to the goof who did or said something truly incredibly stupid, silly or plain dumb in front of other divers).

So get your posh frocks, black tie, sparkly bits etc ready for an evening celebrating another year of fun, sun, laughter and water.  Get your name down now and join in the fun!


PADI Seal Team in Essex:- Kids diving made easy!

PADI Seal Team is a carefully designed course offering young children, to young to start their Junior Open Water Course, the chance to start getting ready for the whole new world opened up by dive training right here in South Essex.

PADI Seal Team

The minimun age for PADI Seals is 8 years old, the same as PADI Bubble Maker (the equivalant of PADI Discover Scuba Diving for 8 to 10 yeard olds) and the aim is to not only have fun and play games (sorry instructors) we introduce some of the basic concepts and skills into the mix, ready to take the plunge (deliberate pun!) and enter the world of recreational scuba diving.

We have a series of pools booked this spring, including three during the Schools’ Spring Bank Holiday.  Call us and find out more now while we have spaces, and introduce your youngsters to a true sport through the course designed specifically for them: PADI SEAL TEAM in ESSEX!

Dive Odyssea is a PADI Approved Youth Training Centre with over twenty five years experience in training divers of all ages.  We have rigid safeguarding policies and procedures in place and ensure the safety of all our divers.

Dive Odyssea logo

Dive Odyssea’s 25 years

PADI recognition of 25 years of dive excellence:

As well as a nice piece of glassware, with it’s message from the PADI CEO, Debbie received a personal note from the PADI EMEA office, based in Bristol:

At a time when Dive Centre’s around the world have been forced to close due to a drop in demand caused by Covid-19 and travel restrictions. Dive Odyssea, under Debbie’s care, has not only survived, but continued to provide quality training not only to people, young and older, breathing their first hesitant bubble underwater, but to more experienced divers working toward technical and professional qualifications.

But Dive Odyssea is not just another PADI dive centre: it has acheived the statuses of:

Team Work:

Of course, none of it could have happened without the support of the many volunteers and “PADI Pros”.  Over the past 25 years, they have given their time, energy and enthusiasm to provide safe, supportive and enjoyable training, trips (overseas and in the UK) and hilarious (occasionally riotous!) “apres dive” evenings (snorting vodka shots(!) and karaoke anyone?)

Hard Work!

Don’t under estimate the amount of work behind the scenes that goes into running these events.  A training weekend at Stoney or Chepstow involves hours of organisation: checking progress of students’ training, ensuring training logs are complete, arranging accomodation, booking access to the dive site; ensuring the right kit is available, rounding up the right  mix of “Pros” to get it all running seamlessly.  It may look straight forward to the students, but like ducks and swans, the effortless glide takes a lot of paddling unseen, underwater!

But if all goes well, and to plan, the Pro gets the chance to pose with the successful students for the post qualification photo!

Everyone who knows Debbie will want to join in the celebration of Dive Odyssea’s continuing success story.  If you want to be part of it, whether you are a hard core diver, a complete novice, or some one who just dives for the fun of it, ring us, and come and join the fun!







Happy Silver Anniversary

“25 Years, Darling, 25 years!”

We’ve all heard the show biz luvvies boast about 25 years in the “business “(normally it’s really less than 5 or long over 40!).

This year it’s Dive Odyssea’s turn to bang the gong and proclaim 25 years in the business,

The Dive business!

Dive Odyssea logo

Founded 1996

I won’t say how long Debbie has been diving, but suffice it to say her PADI registration number is only 5 digits long, compared to the 6 digit number issued to nearly every other dive pro you will encounter!  Dive Odyssea was her project and has issued thousands of certifications, from the first level Open Water Diver through to Assistant Instrauctor, as well as preparing many divers for their Instructor Examinations.

Find out about our training services here!

A basket full of certifications!

At long last we are able to finish training some of our students in open water. Last weekend, 22nd and 23rd May, saw an intrepid bunch of divers, instructional staff and students brave the weather in deepest Gloucestershire for some serious training!

Debbie at Chepstow
Debbie, students Emma and daughter Olivia, and Alex (their Dive Master)

Steve (Assistant Instructor), Monti, Martin, Rob (Master Instructor), Louis, Michael and Katie

Rob, Kelly and Steve

So the role of Honour?

                • Kelly: Advanced Open Water Diver
                • Emma and Olivia; Open Water Diver and Dry Suit Diver
                • Martin, Monti, Louis, Katie: Dry Suit Diver
                • Michael: Peak Performance Bouancy

Congratulations to all of them!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Debbie, Rob and all the staff at Dive Odyssea!

After two years, the Dive Odyssea gang got together last Saturday to celebrate the season!  All the usual fun took place: food, booze, photo competions, the “True Grit” award for the diver who tried hardest and, of course, “Sukker of the Year”.
Debbie and Rob at the Christmas Thrash!

Nearly everyone dressed up for the occasion, frocks and dangly ear rings in profusion… some of the ladies looked nice too (joking, but not about the ladies).  Whether it was Turkey, Salmon or Veggie, it all got eaten up, washed down with various tipples, then the dancing went on until midnight.

A Merry Christmas started here!

(Together with a few hangovers!)


Congratulations to:

  • Terry Wigget (Recreational Underwater Photo)
  • Maria Millgate (Recreational Topshot)
  • Maria Millgate (UK Underwater Photo)
  • Angela Munro (Professional Underwater Photo)
  • Angela Munro (Professional Topshot)
  • Lisa Pilfold (True Grit, for getting through her courses despite being scared of fish!)
  • Debbie Woods (Sukker of the Year; don’t ask why!)

So, Debbie and the staff at Dive Odyssea send season’s greeting to all divers and wannabe divers (remember you don’t have to be a wannabe, come and see us!)


Dive Odyssea accredited as an Approved Youth Training Centre

PADI has granted Dive Odyssea AYTC status.

Dive Odyssea is committed to the key Safeguarding principle.

“Every child, regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation, has a right to equal protection from harm.”

On top of that, we aim to ensure every child has fun!

Check out our “Can Children Dive” pages and see what your youngsters could be enjoying!

Thought about First Aid?

Our Emergency First Response courses are great!  They save lives by giving you the skill set to support an seriously ill or injured person until professional care is available.  But did you know they can support you in your career development too?

The CPD Certification Service has accredited the EFR Primary Care and Secondary Care course for the purpose of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit. EFR Primary Care and Secondary Care course participants, worldwide, seeking CPD credit, now have the opportunity to receive a CPD certificate of recognition (equivalent 8 hours of credit) toward their professional development.  CPD is often a requirement of membership of a professional body. It can help to reflect, review and document learning and to develop and update professional knowledge and skills.

So, as well as breathing life into a “Resus Annie”, blow some into your job prospects too!  When Covid-19 restrictions end, sign up for your EFR or refresher.

Congratulations to Debbie and Rob!!

It’s nice to have some good news to share in these dark times: it won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been trained by, or has worked with, Debbie and Rob to find out they have both been recognised by PADI as Elite Instructors again for last year’s work.

Instructing dive students is great to be involved in, but it takes the best to mastermind and control the training.  Dive Odyssea is lucky to have two of the best!!!

Cheers Deb, and bottoms up Rob (you’ve earned the Stella).

Equipment: An essential for a Night Dive…

Last year on our Red Sea liveaboard, the most popular PADI course Debbie and Rob ran was Night Diver.  I won’t go into the details of the course here: it’s there under the Specialities in the Learn to Dive section of this site, but what was interesting is the number of divers I see on Liveaboards clamouring to do night dives (qualified or not) who end up hiring a torch from the boat.

Costly, (€5 a night normally) often older technology and a bit dim, hire torches are OK, but they don’t get the best out of a dive. The excuses most divers make is either cost or weight…  neither is really valid.

Varilux make a cracking little travel torch.  Weighing in at under 400g with the battery (not as heavy as a tee shirt), kicking out 1000 lumens, very robust, and costing much less than four holidays worth of hire fees, what’s there not to like?  If you are a UK diver too, it makes a really good option for poking around wrecks too, or as a back up light to bigger lights.

Treat yourself: you won’t regret it!