Dive computer

We sell a wide range of dive computers and, having used many of themselves, can advise you on which dive computer will be the best for you.

Cressi Dive computerThe Cressi Leonardo scuba diving computer is great for beginners and experienced recreational divers alike, and is probably our best seller. 

An easy to read (above or below water) large face presents the diver with all the data they need to dive safely.  The single button user interface is easy to master and allows the diver to access vairous menus, including dive history and settings, including EANX settings.

Available in a range of colours to match your kit too, including pink and white!

Suunto Dive computer

The Suunto Zoop Novo is another great dive  computer suitable for novices and tyros, again with full EANX capability, user replaceable battery, and available in Black, Blue or Lime! 

The four button user controls allow for quick and easy adjustments, as well as changing some of the data displayed on screen while underwater  (eg swap time for temperature).

These are just two of the many computers available on the market… as with everything to do with diving, choose your kit according to your needs.

Thinking of taking your diving further, possibly even into the realm of advanced technical diving?  You might need a dive computer capable of coping with multiple gases and decompresion calculations. 

There are many computers out there, but we will help you find the best for your style of diving.

(If you are considering the benefits of air integration to read your gas pressure from the computer, bear in mind you should still retain a pressure gauge on your regulator in case there is a loss of transmission)