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Discover Scuba DivingTry the full Scuba diving experience:- Discover Scuba Diving

You are probably looking at this web site for one of two reasons. It’s either because you’ve finally decided to do something about learning to SCUBA dive, or you’re looking for a driving school and you can’t spell it properly!! Well, if it’s SCUBA you want, you’ve found the right site. You want to give it a go but you’re not sure if it’s for you. Will you feel claustrophobic with that mask on? How hard is it to breath underwater with that ‘thingy’ in your mouth? All very valid questions. Just about everybody asks at least one of them if they’re thinking about learning to dive. It’s a completely different experience and you quite rightly want to try before you buy.

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With the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, you can do just that. We give you a brief but thorough chat about the safety aspects and once you’re happy with that, we take you diving in a heated swimming pool wearing full SCUBA kit. We’ll show you just how easy it is to breath underwater and then we’ll play a few games and have a bit of a laugh. If you are confident with the basics we can also show you some skills.   Of course some people take to it quicker than others. We know that sometimes you’re a bit nervous about trying it, but guess what? So are most other people! You didn’t really think you were the only one did you?

We take all the time it needs to make sure that you’re entirely happy with what’s involved and what we’ll be doing together in the pool. We even start in the shallow end so you can stand up! We guarantee that once you’re under there swimming about, not only will all those questions be answered, but you’ll wonder why you asked them in the first place!!

The chances are, that once you realise how easy it is and how much fun you’ve had with just a taster, you’ll go straight on and book the PADI Open Water Diver Course.
Once you have completed your Discover Scuba Diving experience you also receive the following benefits:
  • Receive a 90 day trial access to the premium features of ScubaEarth.
  • Start the course.  Log into elearning and complete the first section of the PADI Open Water course for free. 
  • Discover Scuba Ecard. 
  • Download the PADI App.
(p.s. If it was ‘driving‘ you were looking for, try entering “the AA”.)
We can offer group prices for Scouts, School groups etc.

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